University World News in partnership with DrEducation hosted a free webinar “Embracing Technology for Global Engagement: A Leadership Challenge and Opportunity.” 

Online education and internationalization have been rising as strategic priorities for many university leaders around the world. While online experiments like MOOCs, badging, blended learning are still early in their evolution, few institutions have taken an innovative approach to finding a synergy between technological innovations and their application in global engagement strategies. And, of those who attempted to engage globally through technology have experienced several barriers related to cost, quality, recognition, and outcomes. This online discussion examined how university leaders are leveraging technology for advancing internationalization? How does technology fit in the overall global engagement strategy? What are the challenges and opportunities?

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Rahul Choudaha, PhD

Principal Researcher


GianMario Besana, PhD

Professor and
Associate Provost for
Global Engagement and
Online Learning

DePaul University

Helen O'Sullivan, PhD

Professor and
Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for
Online Learning

University of Liverpool

Kevin Kinser, PhD

Professor and Department Head of Education Policy Studies

Pennsylvania State University

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